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LED street lamp aging test line

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Features: upper / lower automatic cycle back plate / lift, PLC programming control, variable frequency speed control and barrier two functions, intelligent heating system, impact area, roaming area, high pressure / low pressure functional test area, current monitoring area (option).
Product use: this line is suitable for LED panel lamp / ceiling lamp, LED lamp, LED lamp / lamp, LED lamp, mining lamp, landscape lamp, lamp aging line multifunctional bar.
Optional function:
(1) can be customized for the multi-layer aging, for the increase of the number of aging products and a variety of products to share the aging line.
(2) can be customized to simulate the full high temperature aging test function, will be across the board temperature control in an aging room, does not affect the workshop temperature, aging room temperature can be adjusted and monitoring.
(3) can be customized aging product monitoring functions, in a certain position or across the board to do the aging data acquisition function, can be used to monitor the aging of the product is normal (monitoring items: current, voltage, power, power factor, frequency).
(4) can be customized optical instrument online test function, can be added in the aging line of light, color monitoring function and small single station or across the board light, color monitoring equipment.
(5) can be customized under the material cooling system for the end of aging products, products in the aging process of heating, will cause the surface temperature is too high, the operator can not touch, can be customized in the next material cooling system to ensure that the product in the next material temperature lower than the body temperature.

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