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LED how to be more secure

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LED aging line as the electrical equipment, safety is the most important product, so in the production of LED aging line equipment, we must pay attention to the following points, use the aging line to use more secure.
One, LED aging line appliances and protective measures
Electrical appliances are life itself, so the choice of brand-name appliances is the key, the market are fake and high imitation appliances, only genuine appliances is directly to the factory procurement, LED aging line itself is through the high and low impact of electrical aging, ask the customer to choose equipment at the same time must not neglect the isolation transformer, because isolation the transformer will bring a guarantee of security, Taiwan Lianda LED aging line always put safety and quality in the first place.
Two, LED aging line transportation and packaging
Packaging using special waterproof packaging film and tailored wooden packaging, wooden screen imitation tide, take, light, light on direction signs, transport Please famous logistics company transport and purchase of equipment transportation insurance, to ensure the equipment new client company.
Three, LED aging line material
1.LED wire bracket to buy: choose to buy the bracket must choose the national standard steel, in the choice of steel thickness, conventional LED aging line standard steel thickness is enough 2mm, because the weight of the lamp itself and the weight of the device is a long time to shake, will make LED products easy to scratch, touch bad, so LED aging line bracket must be strong.
Four, LED aging line production and assembly process
From the welding to the assembly must strive for excellence in each link, welding solid, not deformation, not false welding, assembly of the biggest difficulty is the LED aging line level and vertical horizontal line, ensure each screw hole bit accurate, plus or minus 1mm is the equipment standard gauge, fastening screws and spring, so that the device is more perfect, more reliable delivery to customers.
Five, LED aging line service
From the receipt of customer telephone customer service, the company technical staff through analysis and meeting the quickest way to come up with solutions, quickly arrange customer service technical personnel rushed to the scene to the customer equipment for processing, after handling customer demand sign customer service service, set up the TSU one month visit a customer equipment production, regular customers free maintenance equipment, Taiwan Tatsu mission together with customers to hold up a brilliant tomorrow.

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