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2014 LED lighting industry

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Since 2014, constantly exposed to the "run away" incident, the broker from the beginning of the year has been touted industry high degree of prosperity",. LED lighting industry can be described as "warm and. "Run away" menacing, stimulate the sensitive nerves of the industry, affect the LED lighting matched the nerve of the enterprise, but also brings about more calm reflection.
Foot tide reflects the phenomenon
Foot tide reflects the economic structure of China has a certain problem, but from the individual foot door to deny the industry is one-sided, more is a good thing not to go out bad news, the effect of it. On foot is the crisis is a turning point, at least so many investors will not be blind investment in, we will carefully choose to enter the industry, to avoid vicious competition. When the enterprise to the core products and the market to do the case, the most critical to see how the decision makers in the LED industry development trends in the business and management companies.
Foot is the crisis is turning point
LED industry development trend from the whole is very good, but the development of the enterprise is quite difficult, especially this year, running the merger of enterprises everywhere. Foot is the main reason is due to unfair competition, and is not LED professional experience in the lighting industry to share a cup of a piece of pre investment, not any of the industry management experience. Coupled with the rapid development of enterprises, spend a lot of cost to open up channels, the fracture caused by capital chain, run away becomes logical.
"Center" is the core of enterprise survival
"Center" is the core of enterprise survival. Therefore, although in the confusion of the market, this positioning management is more difficult, but still insist on taking quality as the road of life, is committed to providing safe and reliable LED products for domestic and foreign high-end customers.
Broaden the channels of the primary and the secondary market at home and abroad
In the channel, the choice of domestic and foreign markets, the focus is still on exports, the first is the market factor, the EU launched a plan to phase out incandescent lamps in October, while the domestic market was launched in 2010, foreign consumers of energy saving awareness than domestic strong.
From the government level, the implementation of energy-saving emission reduction efforts of foreign governments, from the sale of the source on the banned the sale of incandescent lamp, the foreign market is more and more widely. The second is the price factor, foreigners believe that "a penny", pay attention to the quality of the product itself, but the domestic people believe in cheap. Product positioning determines its export oriented channels, the current product certification is complete, continue to accelerate the development of new products, will be a new brand image to accept the market test.
So, for Taiwan Lianda company, Taiwan Tatsu as LED lighting to supporting enterprises, should also continue to create a center of products, to provide more equipment to the lighting industry.

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