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Power monitoring aging line

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   As is known to all power supply is operated in low profit high capacity operation, minimum production quantity is K for unit production, at present most of the production enterprises large workshop turnover use in power production process, Shenzhen City, Taiwan Tatsu technology limited company new R & D and production of power assembly, aging, monitoring, packaging line in order to help many new and old customers to solve the production staff turnover - aging - monitoring - in the packaging process, greatly saves the labor cost and production time, the number of enterprises approved, the project will assemble line and aging line, test line, packaging line connected together to form a whole production process, and the power to satisfy the product assembly process, all the basic functions, monitoring of aging 1 1 of all testing, packaging the entire process.
Power aging line


Features: upper / lower automatic cycle back plate / lift, PLC programming control, variable frequency speed control and barrier two functions, intelligent heating system, impact area, roaming area, high pressure / low pressure functional test area, current monitoring area (option).
Product use: this line is suitable for LED driver, charger, adapter, LED lighting, LED display, TV and other functions of the aging line.
Optional function:
(1) can be customized for the multi-layer aging, for the increase of the number of aging products and a variety of products to share the aging line.
(2) can be customized to simulate the full high temperature aging test function, will be across the board temperature control in an aging room, does not affect the workshop temperature, aging room temperature can be adjusted and monitoring.
(3) can be customized aging product monitoring functions, in a certain position or across the board to do the aging data acquisition function, can be used to monitor the aging of the product is normal (monitoring items: current, voltage, power, power factor, frequency).
(4) can be customized under the material cooling system for the end of aging products, products in the aging process of heating, will cause the surface temperature is too high, the operator can not touch, can be customized in the next material cooling system to ensure that the product in the next material temperature lower than the body temperature.
Product advantage:
(1) beautiful, safe isolation and protection device.
(2) simulated environmental temperature for destructive aging tests.
(3) simulation of power grids to do destructive aging tests.
(4) save on carrying human and time.
(5) variable frequency speed control 1~6M/min control speed.
(6) aging capacity is relatively large, can be completed according to the fixture to complete the irregular product.
(7) the impact and aging time can be set free.
(8) the quality of the product is strictly examined and checked against the quality of the product.
Monitoring line design concept: due to the design, raw materials or production process defects, may lead to a variety of products appear in the phenomenon, in order not to let this not qualified products out of the market, we hereby develop the computer monitoring and aging line.
Applicable objects of the monitoring line: this device is suitable for LED driver, power supply, charger, adapter, switching power supply, etc..
Function of power supply monitoring line:
1 efficient acceleration of aging: the device uses a highly efficient aging program, safety isolation transformer power supply + a variety of voltage online impact aging / drop test aging + computer real-time monitoring + data acquisition + electronic load module found early failure, accelerated aging process.
2 high quality reliability: product 100% online aging detection, effective control of the performance indicators, to eliminate the risk of sampling, to ensure product quality.
3 save labor costs: the degree of automation is high, really do not work, greatly save manpower costs and reduce the handling strength.
4 severe environmental testing: optional high temperature aging area, so that it can be detected in different environmental conditions, to test the stability and reliability of the performance indicators.

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