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Common troubles and troubleshooting of LED street lamp aging line

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Common failure, such as wire leakage, or occasionally tripping phenomenon.
Troubleshooting method: first turn off all control switches, the state of the body is not running, open the district voltage switch, in the opening process will have a voltage area of the switch to turn on the phenomenon, to find the corresponding line segment. First, turn off the switch, check the chain plate chain plate line head is loose, copper exposed conductive block is off, found above, turn off all power reconnection, will head the conductive block can be reset. If you do not find the above question, please contact our staff.

Common fault two, voltage display exception
Troubleshooting method: first check the electrical control box shaped white insurance seat, such as the discovery of the insurance seat is flashing red, immediately shut off the power supply, open the flash tube replacement can take out insurance insurance. Such as the insurance base without exception and check whether the actual output voltage and voltage meter display, such as the replacement of the abnormal voltage meter, voltage regulator output abnormal close the voltage area and timely notice to the relevant personnel.

Common fault three, line body card chain operation exception
Troubleshooting method: the main reason of card phenomenon in the process of chain conveyor chain for lubrication is not enough, should be every 6 months maintenance time, reducer quarterly review of a fuel, when the oil standard is lower than the standard red line oil supply. A week with the air blown dust and conducting wire body on the rail to prevent short circuit caused by copper powder, copper powder in conductive power at interface.

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