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LED panel lamp aging line

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The advantages are: simple and convenient, inexpensive, easy to store, can be used in the production workshop and the use of the aging room, the operation is simple and easy to understand, take up small space, suitable for long time use.
The shortcoming is: manual feed, used in the production of more staff, the safety factor is not high, the product quality testing, aging can only be the same type of product, the need for personnel screening has no adverse visual products.
LED panel lamp aging line (production workshop)


               LED panel lamp aging line
The advantages are: simple operation, good safety performance, a variety of aging functions, voltage shock, switch
Hammer, high temperature aging, aging, etc., and can be a variety of LED lighting products, beautiful atmosphere, suitable for the production of enterprises with customers to visit the factory.
The shortcoming is: manual feed, used in the production of more staff, space is relatively large, the number of general staff need aging, visual products have no adverse selection.

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