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Operation specification for LED aging line

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1, access to the operating system, menu selection, engineers set the parameters and debugging, technical staff and testing
2, lamps and lanterns in the installed on the aging line, unloading aging line must be in the specified area! Technical staff on the basis of the requirements of the production line voltage, the chain speed adjustment good compliance with the aging requirements
3, the powder with aging and electrical parameters test is tilted side edge placed in each parking space
4, electric parameter test of transport speed is 15, open test interface touch test, test, stop touch test. After the test is finished, the electric parameters of the lamp are stored in the U disk.
5, lamp aging and testing is completed, please remove the area without electricity
6, in the open before the aging line equipment, the need to check the equipment chain board, the district voltage meter, the power switch, the power switch is normal, good grounding. If you notice that the exception should be immediately notified to the device manager
7, the aging line equipment must be a special person to operate, the power of the equipment can not be opened to the full time staff, so as to avoid electric shock accident.
8, close the power switch, press the green button on the operation panel light start switch, power start, the touch screen main display operation interface, small red key power off, red for emergency stop button.
9, the daily work must be shut off power, long time not to use the aging line to cut off power
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