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Development trend of LED lighting industry in 2015

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The gap between 2014 key technology and the international level is further reduced, the innovative application basically synchronized with the international listing Corporation; on behalf of the enterprise, eye-catching performance, enterprise integration split action again and again, to accelerate the adjustment of industrial structure; overseas export market, blossom everywhere, the BRIC countries and other emerging companies to force the layout of the terminal field A new force suddenly rises.; channels, brand competition pattern formed.
Although the growing competition in the industry, individual enterprises also cut, "run away" phenomenon, but China's semiconductor lighting industry overall upward trend remains unchanged, continue to maintain a high degree of prosperity.
So, in 2015, the development of China's semiconductor lighting industry will be the trend?
2015: LED lighting products exports surged, the rapid rise of emerging markets
2014 according to statistics: 2014 1-11 months of total exports of LED lighting products of nearly $104.52%, an increase of 7 billion 900 million, is the 2011 export volume ($1 billion 600 million) of 5 times.
China as the world's largest production base of semiconductor lighting products, the export side of the LED products also to remain ahead.
In 2014, as from the youth road to the middle-aged mature general development Chinese semiconductor lighting products, the quality and level of technology products have reached a mature stage, China LED lighting because of all the organizations and enterprises overseas strategic layout and promotion, and global influence no white effect, countries also gradually began to accept and promote LED lighting products.
Especially in emerging markets, BRIC countries in the Middle East and Southeast Asia have different degrees of market share A new force suddenly rises., improve. Research CSA pointed out that the BRIC countries market share increased by 6.82 percentage points, the Middle East grew by 2.11 percentage points, Southeast Asia grew by 1.34 percentage points.
Is expected, with the global range of light source replacement and efficient lighting to promote, LED lighting market will become increasingly broad.
However, with the national standard and the import and export trade policy and further tightened tightening, LED lighting China's exports will also be some impact, therefore also forced China LED lighting enterprises to self enhance lighting quality.
Overall, the global LED lighting market demand continued popular, China LED lighting industry will also usher in a period of high growth of export lamps.
It is expected that in 2015, China's total exports of LED lighting products will continue to grow in the last year, and is expected to achieve $20 billion in foreign exchange earnings of LED lamps.
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