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Classification: Desktop soldering machine
Product name:Double Y single welding head PCB circuit board full automatic soldering machine
ProductNo:TLD-5331R precision 5 axis
Refresh time:2016.04.25
Unit:Shenzhen Talent Automation Co.,Ltd

Product details:

Double Y single welding head precision 5 axis automatic pcb soldering machine 




Video address: http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMTM3MjMyODMwNA==.html

Soldering machine technical parameters:

Automatic soldering machine

TLD-5331R precision 5 axis

Working range X/Y/Z/R


Y axis maximum load


XY/Z axis move speedmm/sec


XYZ axis repeat precision


Programming method

Teaching box/touch screen

Control mode

PLC/Industrial control card

Motor system

Stepping level precision motor

Transmission mode

Synchronous belt+ HIWIN precision

straight linear guide rail

Tin wire range


Soldering station power


Temperature range


Tin smoke treatment

Smoking system/ Industrial smoke filter


Input power

Ac220V(internal switch conversion)

Working Temperature


Product size



Soldering machine function:


1. Dual Y continuous operation, reduce the time of waiting up and down the material, according to load, automatic loading and unloading mechanism to achieve a flow operation

2. Industrial automatic tin breaking mechanism, precision send tin

3. Inside have block tin, stuck tin, no tin line detection function

4. Patent vacuum cleaning Iron head mechanism, solve the problem which Tin can not be cleaned on the Iron head and appear bad welding or welding spot caused by traditional blowing head cleaning, greater improvement in machine cleaning or recovery of tin slag

5. Solder tin smoke can be discharged through pipe or directly filtered, to avoid soldering workers suffering occupational diseases from Long term smoke inhalation

6. According to the product, custom high strength iron head, high temperature oxidation resistance of multilayer coating

7. The newest card based positioning or location design, easy disassembly and move the position due to the replacement of the iron head

8. Provide different designs of the soldering iron head according to customer's needs

9. There are multiple memory program, according to different products can be respectively for memory. Solder controller has multiple sets of welding condition memory and can be set according to different size of the welding point

10. Easy to learn and easy to operate,you can master within 3hrs

11. Precision of 0.02mm, to ensure the accuracy of the welding position in the production process

12. It can match automatic conveyor belt, do full automation work and easy to online

13. CCD can be applied to do additional testing functions, whole process monitoring to ensure the quality

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