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Classification: Visual soldering machine
Product name:Automatic visual soldering machine
Refresh time:2016.11.18
Unit:Shenzhen Talent Automation Co.,Ltd

Product details:

Automatic visual soldering machine




Technical parameter of soldering machine


Visual soldering machine

TLD-331R(CCD) Vertical Precision 4 axis

Working range X/Y/Z/R


Y axis maximum load


XY/Z axis move speed(mm/sec)


XYZ axis repeat precision


Programming method

Teaching box/Touch screen

Control mode

PLC/Industrial control card/Industrial computer

Motor system

Stepping level precision motor

Transmission mode

Synchronous belt/Guide screw+ HIWIN precision straight linear guide rail

Soldering station power

150W,Original Weller heating element

Temperature range


Tin wire range


Tin smoke treatment

60W Smoking system/ Industrial smoke filter (Optional)


High-speed color camera(Option based on product)

Image processing speed

Each screen<120 millisecond

Input power

AC220V(internal switch conversion)

Working Temperature


Product size



Visual Soldering Machine Function

1. Single Y and Double Y according to the load automatic loading and unloading mechanism to achieve one flow operation.
2. Industrial automatic tin broken mechanism, tin feeding precisely.
3. Inside have block tin,stuck tin, no tin line detection function.
4. To form 2D picture and coordinate on computer in the same proportion after scanning the PCB board.
5. To click the soldering pad image directly when programming, the soldering iron will run to the soldering pad above.
6. CCD scan the coordinate of the soldering point before soldering, to judge the accurate position of the soldering point by changing coodinate in real time.
7. Automatic soldering machine can judge the soldering quality when finish soldering as needed, and detect and identify pseudo soldering, cold solder and missing solder.

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