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Classification: Desktop soldering machine
Product name:USB soldering machine
Refresh time:2017.01.12
Unit:Shenzhen Talent Automation Co.,Ltd

Product details:

Technical parameter of soldering robot


Product Specification


Model of soldering Robot


Movement Type

Circulating movement

Working Range

Customized according to the product



Control mode


Programming method

Touch screen

Program recording capacity

Multi-programs and multi-editing points

Motor system

Stepping level precision motor

Transmission mode

Imported chain and sprocket wheel

Temperature control type

Constant temperature

Soldering material

Tin wire

Soldering angle


Input power

AC220V (internal switch conversion)

Working Temperature


Product size




Installation Type

Can be moved on ground



Function of Soldering Robot

1. Full automatic USB soldering machine possesses advanced structure, simple operation, stable performance,   energy saving and environmental protection.

2. Use vibrating plate + manual work online, it can regulate the material feeding time according to the proficiency of the operator, improve the utilization ratio of labor, enhance the productivity greatly.

3. Cutting wire, stripping, soldering, unloading material process finished in one time, reduce the labor force and labor strength of operator greatly.

4. Authentic materials: Air cylinder, pneumatic parts, linear bearing and guide rail are all international brand, quality assurance, stable performance and long using life.

5. Applicable type: Soldering between USB A, B and wire material, between Micro USB and wire material, between Mini and wire material, between apple head and wire material, between PCB board and wire material etc.

6. Can be refitted slightly and do the soldering between DC head and wire material.

7. Can be use alone or used online coordinate with other machine.  

8. CCD can be added to do inspection of appearance, ensure the quality in the whole process monitoring.

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