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Classification: Air aspirating type screw machine
Product name:Full automatic locking screw machine
Refresh time:2017.01.12
Unit:Shenzhen Talent Automation Co.,Ltd

Product details:


Single platform single screwdriver air aspirating screw machine

Technical parameter of screw robot

Model of screw robot

TLD-331X  Precision 3-axis

Working range X/Y/Z/R

300mm/300mm/100mm (Customizable)

Max. load of Y axis platform


XY/Z axis moving speed (mm/sec)


XYZ axis repeat precision


Control mode


Programming method

Touch screen

Program recording capacity

1000pcs programs/every program can record 4000pcs editing points.

Motor system

Stepping level precision motor

Transmission mode

High precision synchronous belt/Guide screw + linear guide rail

Electric screwdriver

Japan HIOS or KILEWS (Can also be specified)

Screwdriver head

Imported from Japan

Input power

AC220V(internal switch conversion)

Working Temperature


Product size





Function of Screw Robot


1. High precision electric screwdriver, torque can be controlled, to provide customers with stable and high precision of quality assurance.

2. With worn thread, floating lock detection function system: the system will stop and alarm automatically when the screw is not feeding good such as omitting lock, worn thread, floating lock.

3. Powerful suction nozzle, to ensure that sucking up the screw every time.

4. Motion range of the whole machine (x, y axis) from 200*200mm to 500*500mm, there are a variety of models can be selected.

5. The screw is universal strongly, it can be suitable to the screw locking of M0.8~M4, as long as adjusting the guide rail and replacing the suction nozzle.

6. Single Y single head design, high cost-effective product.

7. Screw torsion tester (Optional)

8. CCD can be applied to do inspection of appearance, to ensure the quality in the whole process monitoring

9. It is widely suitable for screw locking operation such as mobile phone, keyboard, automobile, computer, integrated circuit, printed circuit board, color LCD screen, electronic components (e.g. relays, speakers), optical lens parts etc.

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