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Classification: Desktop soldering machine
Product name:Desktop Soldering Robot TLD-331R
Refresh time:2018.04.18
Unit:LED lamp aging test equipment-Shenzhen TLD Technology Co., Ltd

Product details:

Desktop Soldering Robot TLD-331R

Soldering Robot

TLD-331R Precision 4-axis

Processing range X/Y/ /Z/R


Y-axis platform maximum load


XY/Z axis movement speed (mm/sec)


XYZ Axis Repeatability


Control mode

Industrial Control Card

Programming method

Teaching box

Program recording capacity

1000 programs

Motor system

Stepping precision motors

Transfer method

synchronous belt  + HIWIN precision linear guide rail

Soldering station power

high power 150W

Temperature range


Automatic tin-breaker

Send tin precisely. 100% tin break.

Applicable tin wire


Patented vacuum suction mechanism

Tin slag is easily recycled

Tin smoke treatment

Extraction System

Input power

AC220V(Internal switch conversion)

Working temperature




Machine weight



Soldering robot function:

1.Single Y/double Y can be automatically loaded and unloaded according to the loading mechanism to realize one stream operation.

2.Industrial automatic tin-breaker, delivery tin accurately.

3.It is equipped with tin plug, tin stuck and tin line detection function.

4.Patented vacuum cleaning iron head mechanism .

5.Solder tin smoke can be eliminated through the pipeline or directly filtered to solve occupational diseases in soldering jobs.

6.The latest card positioning or base positioning design, easy assembly and disassembly, and will not be due to change the position of the iron head and move.


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