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Classification: Handheld screw machine
Product name:Hand-held screw machine
ProductNo:TLD- S201
Refresh time:2018.04.18
Unit:LED lamp aging test equipment-Shenzhen TLD Technology Co., Ltd

Product details:

Functions and characteristics

1. Screw range: M2-M5

2. Screw head pattern for use, such as: word, cross, triangle, plum, hexagon, H head, etc.

3. Screw materials such as iron, copper, stainless steel, etc.

4. Materials of screw products, such as plastic, iron, aluminum, etc.

5.High efficiency, cost saving: The locking rate can reach 1 screw for 0.5 seconds, which is 1 times higher than the traditional tightening efficiency. Can save 1 man laborer;

6.More relaxed, more quality assurance: The left hand does not need to take the screw, can be used to hold the product; and can maintain vertical lock pay, to ensure the quality of the lock;

7. Cleaner, more environmentally friendly: no longer in direct contact with the screws, avoid contact with the hands causing secondary pollution and rust;

Product specification


TLD- S101 Hand-held screw machine

TLD- S201 Double-section Cylinder Hand-held Screw Machine




Delivery Distance

1-4 meters

0.5-2 meters

Feed Capacity

Standard screws 3000

Standard screws 2000

Main screw hole

Sink hole

Plane hole position

Working Pressure



Power supply


Use Environment


Batch Selection

Sleeve type, bracket type(According to product specification)

Electric Batch Type

Standard batch from Taiwan KILEWS(According to customer requirements)

Screw Specifications

Word, cross, plum, hexagon, triangle, I-shaped

Applicable Industry

Versatility, basically covers all products

Equipment Compatible

Tolerance 0.5MM, length 5MM

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