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After sales service policy

Taiwan Lianda customer service service policy:
Your satisfaction is our pursuit, we not only to better products to meet your production needs, the best service to meet your requirements for us.
1 sets of user service commitment to customer service,
(1) Bao Xiu: in addition to man-made damage, the whole machine guarantees one year, life-long maintenance.
(2) replacement: customer failure in the purchase of the product, the emergence of parts during the warranty period, unconditional return.
Three, 2 free
Free installation, free consultation, free training.
Two, 3 quick response
Received telephone repair time after phone guide maintenance.
Received a repair call, telephone guidance can not solve the problem:
Shenzhen City: four hours in place.
Guangdong Province: twenty-four hours in place.
Other provinces and cities in the country: forty-eight hours in place.
4, product lifetime maintenance
Taiwan Lianda products life-long maintenance, the implementation of guaranteed paid service after the warranty period
After sales service contact: 0755-27271958 0755-27276208
Fax: 0755-27276228
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