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      From the "LOGO" meaning to outline: the combination of the house and the gear - the house represents a symbol of the home, the gear represents a symbol of the sun. TLD three letters is Taiwan Lianda transliteration, composition structure and foundation house by TLD three letters, representing Taiwan Lianda "people-oriented" business purpose, the building foundation and related products Aluminum Alloy "silver" tone, top of the housing by associated with the product of anti-static green "green" color, image and on behalf of Master TSU solidarity, enjoy work, love life and enterprises for their homes; houses on top of "gear" image and the sun is shining, and represents a thriving scene round golden yellow.
Increase TELED letters below the LOGO, above on behalf of the company in the industry, is representative for product positioning, "TE" represents the test, LED is in the LED industry, TELED letter again with the above graphic combined, its significance is: in the sun Master TSU home, engaged in LED process equipment (green mechanical and electrical products business).
In summary, both straight to the theme and simple and clear.